Why Should You Take a Multi-vitamin?

Fruits and Vegetables

Best Intentions work best with a little bit of help…

Think about our food choices. We decide what to eat based on the sight, smell and taste of our food.

We eat what’s convenient to our lifestyle. We choose what’s quick, easy, ready-to-go, on the move, in a fast-paced stressful word. We don’t necessarily choose food because it’s balanced and nutritionally complete.

Stop and think, what are the different “food groups”?

Fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, beans, complete proteins. Ideally, we would eat a select variety of foods from these categories each day. I don’t think we do! (Despite our best intentions)

Most of us don’t measure our food values on a regular basis. We just eat.

Think about your next bite of food or meal and why you chose it.

Our culture and lifestyle can certainly compromise our intentions to eat better to support our nutritional needs.

How do we fill the nutritional gap?

A multiple vitamin/mineral can be the every day foundation of our eating habits. It’s the foundation that increases the support of how our bodies work and decreases our risk of malnutrition.

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