“The Multiple” Mini Multi-vitamin

Nutrition Road’s “The Multiple” is a superior quality supplement and complement to the variety of nutrition you would hope to get in the daily foods you eat.*Its exceptionally small size made possible by Tiny Capsule Technology ensures a positive vitamin taking experience.*Designed with respect for human sensitivities and packed full of the choicest antioxidants and other energizing health boosting nutrients.*

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  • 120 capsules per bottle
  • Recommended dosage: 3 capsules daily
  • Water and fat soluble vitamin C for complete cell antioxidant protection
  • B-12 and Folate in the active, Methyl, coenzymated form for optimal energizing benefits*
  • Contains vitamins and minerals especially Alpha-Lipoic Acid for it’s important antioxidant protection
  • 5 different Carotenoids, the red yellow and orange colors found in fruits and vegetables ready for antioxidant cell protection (The Carotenoids found in food is nature’s way to protect us from environmental free radicals)
  • Designed with respect for human sensitivities: free of Paba, Iodine, Copper, Iron
  • Free of major allergens, soy free, gluten free
  • OU Kosher quality and vegetarian
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“For so long I could not take a multivitamin at all due to my fear of choking. When I found Nutrition Road’s “The Multiple”, finally I could benefit from all the nutrition a multivitamin had to offer. I would absolutely recommend this product to others.”
Donna G. Age 63

“Since childhood I have had trouble swallowing pills, so I was searching for a reliable vitamin that was also easy to swallow. Nutrition Road’s “The Multiple” has exactly the selection of vitamins and ingredients I was looking for in a vitamin, plus it has absolutely no aftertaste and it doesn’t repeat on me like some other vitamins I have taken in the past. I have been taking this vitamin for years and highly recommend this product.”
Elaine F. Age 66

Our Guarantee

We are so confident that these tiny pills will change your life for the better that we take away all the risk.*

For 30 days we offer a money back guarantee, no questions asked.


The bottle reads 3 capsules daily. How should I take them?
The supplement was designed to take all 3 capsules at one time. Preferably with food.
Some people like to split the servings over different times of the day.
Depending on lifestyle that could be beneficial.
A good example is saving 1 of the three for after exercise or event of increased perspiration. By taking that one after sweating the electrolytes ( minerals) are replenishing body levels.

When is the best time to take the multiple vitamin/mineral?
It doesn’t matter what time of day. Any time; breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time.
Some people will skip the morning serving as their digestive system is just waking up. Sometimes it feels nice later in the day.

What happens if the supplement skips a day or two?
The nutritional supplement is not a prescription drug.
Remember, the capsule nutrient is a supplement and complement to what you choose to eat every day.
The vitamin/mineral is a good background maintenance support to the daily varied diet where you might not eat enough or any of the food groups.

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