Habit of Habits

When we make a new habit as easy to create and stick to as possible, the better the result.

We are creatures of habit. It’s easier to get through the day by repeating over and over the things we need to do to get through the day. Consider that some of the things we do on a day-to-day basis aren’t necessarily the highlight of our day, but just need to be done because they’re important. 


Our health is important. 


Taking a multivitamin might not be the highlight of the day, but over weeks, months, years and decades of our lives, the impact of a good multiple is an investment in us.


Psychology teaches us that it takes 4 months to break a habit and 4 months to build a habit. Naturopathic doctrine teaches that when starting a new health program to target an issue, it takes 3 months to get to the starting line, and 1 month for every year you lived with the issue. But it doesn’t stop there. To sustain positive results, there must be ongoing commitment to avoid backsliding.


Doesn’t that sound like a lot of work? But that’s the nice part about habits- once a habit is formed, we don’t think so much about the “why” and the “how” and the “how long have we been doing this?”

We just do it.


So where is the best place for us to start a new nutritional habit? Probably at the beginning.


And probably in a way that minimizes the obstacles we experience when taking vitamins. Two of the most common barriers people report tend to be discomfort swallowing large pills and the uncertainty that a supplement is really working.


So, we start at the beginning. And the beginning, through the lens of naturopathic doctrine, is to get to the starting line. For many people, it involves finding a vitamin they can feel comfortable swallowing. Most people prefer a capsule and ideally, a tiny capsule.


As for the ability to believe in the worth of the vitamin- when we select a product, we need to really understand it’s ingredients and formulation- consumers don’t need to be scientists, but we need to have some sense of what’s in there. We need more than the name of the product and the hope that it’s helpful.


When we make an important purchase in our life, such as buying a major appliance, car, house think of the details we go into before making these purchases. The same attention and respect for detail should go into deciding on a product we will put into our bodies for our health. More detail on how to understand and choose a multiple will be explored in a future blog.


Back to habits.


While not necessarily the most exciting part of our lives, the little routines we create are the foundation of who we are. We shouldn’t have to wake up every morning stressed about our whole day’s dietary decisions. Daily nutritional support is a little habit that makes a big impact on the quality of our lives.


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