Who are we and what is our mission?

The easy path to good health

Easy to swallow - Really, Truly

Nutrition Road is a quality Nutritional Supplement Company.

Our primary focus and top priority is to make available Really, Truly easy to swallow supplements.

We plan to design, produce and distribute a wider selection of Nutritional Supplements with the same Really, Truly easy to swallow factor.

Our history

Revelations at the health food store

It all started on a visit to the health food vitamin herb store by our founders.

We struck up a conversation with the proprietor about how many people have trouble swallowing pills and tablets.

This was news to us…

Chewable vitamins are not the same as small-sized vitamins

According to the store owner, he gets so many returns from customers who say they can’t swallow the pills they bought.

Countless others have bottles sitting on their shelves at home unused for the same reason.

Over the years they requested that the companies make smaller, more swallowable products but the companies responded by offering their alternatives of chewables, powders or liquids.

That’s not what the customers were looking for!

They wanted to be like everyone else.

They felt IGNORED.

They have things they need to take and they can’t swallow them!

We heard you, and we took action

We left the store that day determined to help.

We knew our company had the expertise to create a smaller supplement that is truly easy to swallow.

And that is exactly what we did.

Tiny Capsule Technology

Using special Tiny Capsule Technology we developed our first multivitamin “The Multiple.” It provides a nutritional supplement and complement to the daily nutrition we hope to get from a variety of foods in our diet.

And we are not stopping there!

We look forward to sharing future products using the same technology that will provide targeted nutrition in an easy to swallow form.

You care about your health, and so do we

It is our hope that Nutrition Road will change the way you take vitamins forever.

Get started on your stress free journey to good health.

We wish you the best of health and look forward to your honest feedback.

The Nutrition Road Team

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